Does Holiday Inn Express Allow Pets?

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The question of whether or not Holiday Inn Express allows pets is a frequently asked question. The answer to the matter may surprise you.

When it comes to the ability to take your pet along for vacations or business trips, Holiday Inn Express makes it possible. You can enjoy your trip with your furry family member in tow thanks to their pet policy. A few specific restrictions do apply, such as keeping cats and dogs in designated pet-friendly rooms as well as setting a maximum of two furry friends per room. Additionally, there is an additional daily fee for each pet you bring along.

Despite being limited in size and design, most rooms at any Holiday Inn Express will create an ideal environment for both you and your pet. Their typically large spaces will allow you to bring along even larger breeds of dogs. All pet-friendly rooms come with a designated outdoor area where your dog can run around and enjoy outdoor activities safely away from other guests on the premises.

Overall, while they may have some necessary restrictions in place to ensure safety for other guests and the wellbeing of their animals alike, Holiday Inn Express has proven that vacationing or business traveling can be done worry-free with their pet policy. So go explore and share amazing memories with your pet pals!

Does the Holiday Inn Express offer pet-friendly accommodations?

The Holiday Inn Express is well-known for offering travelers comfortable, quality accommodations. But what if your family includes four-legged members? Does the Holiday Inn Express offer pet-friendly lodging? The answer is yes!

The Holiday Inn Express has a number of pet-friendly locations across the United States, with options ranging from standard rooms to suites. When booking a pet-friendly room at the Holiday Inn Express, there is a one time pet fee that is applied per room reservation and per night stay. The price of the fee varies depending on location and time of year you're visiting. Additionally, some hotels may place restrictions on dog breeds or animal sizes. Be sure to check ahead to understand all applicable policies in place at your chosen location before arriving with your four legged companion.

For added convenience and comfort, many hotel locations provide onsite dog parks where "man’s best friend" can run around, get some exercise and play with other pooches. Other convenient amenities include specially designed doggy mats, bowls and treats made available in each pet-friendly room - making it just like home for Rover while you are away!

So don't worry if you are bringing along Fido - the Holiday Inn Express has you covered!

Is there an additional pet fee at Holiday Inn Express?

Yes, Holiday Inn Express does in some cases charge an additional fee for pet owners. This fee will vary depending on the pet-friendly policy of the specific Holiday Inn Express location that you are staying at. Some Holiday Inn Express locations may charge a one-time pet fee, while others may charge a daily pet fee. It's important to check ahead of your stay so that you can plan for any additional fees.

It's likely that the reason for this additional fee is because pets can cause increased wear and tear on hotel facilities, resulting in the need for possible upkeep and repair to common areas - leading to higher costs for cleaning companies and potential damage to furniture or other materials inside a hotel room.

It is important that pet owners follow the rules at their chosen Hotel regarding their pets, such as keeping them leashed when taking them outdoors, vacuuming up any excess hair or fur left in their room, as well as keeping pets out of common areas like lobbies or swimming pools. This helps to minimize the need for extensive cleaning of common areas by housekeeping staff and to keep all guests (pet owners included) happy!

Are pets allowed in public areas of a Holiday Inn Express?

Pets are like family members, and leaving them at home can be difficult, particularly when you’re on vacation. Thankfully, many Holiday Inn Express locations around the world recognize that having your pet with you makes it easier to enjoy your stay without leaving anyone behind.

When booking a stay at a Holiday Inn Express, check to see if there’s a designated ‘pet friendly’ room available in the facility. If such accommodating rooms are part of their service offering, a typical pet fee that the hotel may charge for each stay covers additional housekeeping expenses. However, even if a pet friendly room is not offered in the facility, potential guests can always reach out to the hotel directly to double check pet policies as options and services may vary from location to location.

Holiday Inn Express locations by and large provide easily accessible outdoor areas where you can take your beloved pets for walks while giving them much needed exercise. Some locations even provide small treats at the front desk while others offer small toys or even beds in select rooms. For added convenience there's usually easy access to nearby parks and trails where both you and your furry friend can explore new sights together.

In any case, it helps to have an idea about what policies apply should you choose to bring your pets along for the journey when staying at an Holiday Inn Express. Check ahead of time so there are no surprises when checking-in; it absolutely pays off!

Does the Holiday Inn Express provide pet amenities?

If you’re planning on taking a trip with your pet, the Holiday Inn Express can make your stay easy and enjoyable. Depending on which Holiday Inn Express location you’re visiting, they may offer amenities specifically tailored to fit the needs of your furry friend.

Holiday Inn Express hotels generally have a “Pets Stay Free” policy that allows up to two dogs per room, but not all locations offer pet amenities. Each individual location varies, so it’s important to double-check if there are any special amenities available for pet owners prior to booking. Some of the classic pet-focused amenities offered by select locations include dog beds and treats, as well as meal options for your pooch.

In addition to these classic pet amenities, some Holiday Inn Express hotels even offer dog daycare services, outdoor areas for pets to get fresh air and exercise, and unique rewards programs too! Rewards program members can redeem points for items like special treats and toys for their pets or discounts on other pet services. These perks are a great way to make your four-legged companion feel extra special during your stay.

No matter which local hotel you choose, the Holiday Inn Express offers peace of mind knowing that both you and your pet will be comfortable during your stay!

Are there designated pet-friendly rooms at a Holiday Inn Express?

The answer to whether there are pet-friendly rooms at a Holiday Inn Express is yes! Holiday Inn Express is part of the InterContinental Hotels Group family, which offers a PetStay program for members who bring their pets along with them on vacation or business trips. With this program, pet owners are able to book designated pet-friendly rooms that come with extra amenities such as plush pet beds, food-bowls and other treats.

The Holiday Inn Express brand provides various special offers specifically designed to accommodate guests traveling with pets, including discounted rates on rooms and pet services at participating locations across the US. Additionally, these hotel rewards include access to dog-walking services and special add-on amenities such as collapsible pet ramps and playpens for larger pets.

Whether you’re traveling on business or pleasure, the “PetStay” program ensures you can explore your destination worry free and keep your furry family member comfortable during your visit. The accommodations offered by the Holiday Inn Express will guarantee a cozy vacation for both you and your loyal companion!

What type of pets are allowed at the Holiday Inn Express?

The Holiday Inn Express is a popular chain of hotels, and most of them allow pets, whether it's a dog, cat or other type of furry, scaled or feathered friend. However, each Holiday Inn property has its own policy when it comes to pets and it is important to check with the hotel prior to booking a room with yours.

Generally speaking, each pet-friendly hotel is willing to accommodate your pet as long as it is not too large and is non-threatening. Most Holiday Inn Express hotels allow pets up to 80 pounds in weight with additional surcharges (typically around $25-$50 USD per pet per night). All pets must be housebroken, supervised at all times and leashed in public areas; so you should be prepared for this prior to bringing your pet. It would also be polite to notify staffers upon checking in that you have brought along an animal. Without taking these preliminary steps, the hotel may deny entry for you and your pet which could result in wasting time on trying to find somewhere else last minute.

It is always best practice- regardless of whether or not a hotel allows animals-to keep your pet quiet while staying at the Holiday Inn Express property by providing food/treats, exercise and their own bedding. Furthermore, make sure to clean up after them while on the premises as well!

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