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When planning a trip, deciding which hotel to stay in is often one of the most difficult decisions. Many people don't realize how difficult and expensive it can be to travel with a pet, and this requires making special arrangements with the hotel before booking a room. An important consideration when booking a hotel with pets is whether or not they are allowed in the first place. This can be difficult to sort out, so today we’re exploring whether or not Fairfield Inn allows pets at its locations.

The answer to this question is yes! Fairfield Inn by Marriott is one of the few hotel chains that allow pet-friendly rooms for both dogs and cats. However, there are some restrictions involved. Pets must be smaller than 30 pounds, unless exempt under ADA laws, and have to remain in guests’ rooms at all times (including during breakfast hours). Guests will also have to pay an additional $50 per stay for any pet brought onto the premises.

What makes Fairfield Inn unique from other brands is that it offers extra amenities for pet owners staying with their furry friends. Guests can request special beds for their animal companions as well as other sought-after features like puppy walking paths onsite and doggy treats provided during check-in & dinner! Additionally, Marriott customers will receive 2 hours of “Yappy Hour” – basically an hour and half pool party specifically designed for your pets so they can make new friends while you relax by the pool or tiki bar.

In conclusion, although there is an additional fee associated with bringing your pet along on vacation, Fairfield Inn makes it worth it by offering extra amenities & services that regular hotels simply don't provide. So if you’re considering bringing your pup (or kitty!) on vacation, try looking into what Fairfield Inn has to offer - they might just make your furry one feel like royalty!

Is the Fairfield Inn pet-friendly?

Yes, the Fairfield Inn is pet-friendly! They understand that family vacation and business trips aren't as relaxing when you need to find a place for your pet dog or cat. To make things easier for guests, Fairfield Inn Hotels provide numerous pet-friendly locations across the U.S.

When you arrive at a Fairfield Inn, you’ll find a clean, comfortable room and helpful services to make your stay unforgettable. Whether you’re traveling with a four-legged family member or two, they offer special amenities to ensure your pet stays comfortable and happy during their stay as well as yours! Guests can expect accommodations that include premium beds and linens, meals prepared specifically for pets and doggie bags with treats provided at no additional cost. An additional fee per stay per pet may also be required in accordance with the location’s policies.

Aside from these perks, Fairfield Inn also advocates for responsible pet ownership by having their guests sign documents agreeing to pick up after their pets when walking them outside of the hotel rooms. This way everyone can enjoy their stay knowing that the hotel grounds are kept properly clean. The property managers also strictly monitor any commotion caused by guests’ pets for everyone’s safety and comfortability.

So if you are considering taking your furry family members on your business or leisure trip, worry not because Fairfield Inn is surely there to provide a comfortable place for them!

Are pets allowed at Fairfield Inn hotels?

Yes, most Fairfield Inn hotels welcome pets! This luxurious, yet affordable lodging company understands that your furry friend is part of the family and wants to help you keep your pet close by. Fairfield Inn hotels provide a comfortable, enjoyable stay for both you and your pet companions.

When bringing a pet to a Fairfield Inn hotel, it’s important to first check the rules in the individual hotel location. Generally though, dogs and cats are allowed with an additional fee of $25 or more per stay. Larger pets also can be accommodated; just note that some hotels impose size restrictions on these bigger furry friends.

To make sure your pet is welcome in its new temporary home, contact the individual hotel before making your reservations to find out about specific policies and any specific breed restrictions that might apply at that location. As long as you prepare ahead of time and make sure you meet all the requirements for bringing a pet along — such as providing documentation of vaccines — then you’ll have no problem enjoying your stay with all members of your family.

What are the pet policies at Fairfield Inn hotels?

Fairfield Inn & Suites hotels are renowned for their relaxed and friendly atmosphere, making them a popular choice for pet owners. But what exactly is the pet policy at these hotels?

Each Fairfield Inn & Suites location has slightly different policies when it comes to accepting pets. Most locations allow a maximum of two pets at a time and allow cats and dogs under 75 pounds, but you should always check with the hotel in advance to make sure your pet is allowed. Additionally, all hotels require guests that bring their pets to sign a waiver and pay a non-refundable fee. The fee varies from property to property, so be sure to ask about the applicable fee before making your reservation.

All pet-friendly rooms have easy access to outdoor spaces so pets can have some fresh air. Additionally, most locations provide specialized amenities for pampered pooches such as dog beds and bowls. Guests bringing their dogs with them may also be interested in the hotel’s doggy door hangers which give housekeeping staff notice that a furry friend is present in their room when they come to clean or inspect it.

Fairfield Inn & Suites hotels are great choices when traveling with your furry companion thanks to generous pet-friendly policies and obvious attention paid towards creating comfortable spaces for both pet owners and their four-legged friends.

Does Fairfield Inn have a pet deposit?

Fairfield Inn has long been known as a preferred destination for pet-friendly accommodation. For those who prefer to take their pets on their travels with them, the question often arises of whether or not they will be required to pay an additional fee or “pet deposit” upon arrival. The answer is both yes and no, depending on the policy at the particular Fairfield Inn where you choose to stay.

At some Fairfield Inns, guests are required to sign a waiver when checking in that stipulates that any pet-related damages will be taken from the security deposit of $150. This waiver also includes a fee of up to $200 per night per room for additional cleaning if it is deemed necessary upon checkout. However, this is not true for all locations and can vary depending on location and manager discretion. Some Fairfield Inns do not require a pet deposit if no damage occurs; however, it is always best to check with the specific location prior to arrival as there's no way of knowing for sure until then.

Regardless of whether or not you're paying an additional fee due to your pet, it's important to note that all pets must comply with the individual lodging's guidelines, so please make sure to ask what these are before bringing your pet into one of these lodgings. By understanding and adhering to these standards and policies, you'll ensure that your stay at Fairfield Inn will be one that you can thoroughly enjoy with your furry friend in tow!

What kind of pets are allowed at Fairfield Inn?

Fairfield Inn is a popular chain of hotels known for their budget-friendly prices and comprehensive amenities. But did you know that Fairfield Inn also caters to pet owners? Yes, you read that right! Fairfield Inn offers pet-friendly accommodations for nearly any type of pet.

At most Fairfield Inn hotels, both cats and dogs are allowed to stay in guest rooms for an additional fee. For an extra charge, your small dog can stay with you in select rooms within the hotel—just check with the front desk upon arrival to find out which rooms are available. Bigger dogs may not be accommodated at the hotel due to health and safety regulations, so it’s best to check before booking a room with your pup.

In addition to cats and dogs, smaller caged animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs, and birds are also welcome at most Fairfield Inns too! Charging an additional fee just like they do with cats and dogs, these caged critters can be brought along on vacation if they can fit comfortably in their cages. Certain Fairfield Inns even have roaming barnyard animals such as chickens, goats or ponies available around the property- but again - call ahead or check online before visiting if you plan on bringing one of these furry (or feathered) friends along for the ride.

So next time you book a stay at a Fairfield Inn hotel don’t forget about your furry family members! They too can enjoy a budget-friendly getaway as long as there’s a strictly enforced pet policy enforced at the property in question.

Will Fairfield Inn accept service animals?

Service animals are a common form of assistance for those with physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disabilities and are beginning to be accepted more and more in a variety of public spaces. With this increased acceptance comes the question; do Fairfield Inn hotels accept service animals?

The answer is an emphatic yes! Fairfield Inn & Suites is a part of Marriott International and all of the hotel’s locations accept service animals. Upon arriving at the hotel all guests with service animals will need to provide documentation of their animal’s status to comply with fair housing laws in regards to accommodations. Additionally, there is a policy requirement that service animals be “house trained” and obedient. However, if individuals lack documentation they are not prevented from booking rooms at Fairfield Inn & Suites locations around the country.

At Fairfield Inn & Suites guest comfort is their highest priority and they strive to ensure that all individuals have access to the same comforts while they stay at their properties. You can rest assured knowing your service animal will be welcomed in virtually any location that you choose to check-in at. So remember, if you and your service animal are traveling look no further than your nearest Fairfield Inn & Suites for comfortable lodging and availability for any type of four-legged visitor!

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