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What kind of dog was in big jake?

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What kind of dog was in big jake?

In the movie Big Jake, the dog that Jake Perry (John Wayne) uses to track down the kidnappers of his grandson is a Bloodhound. Bloodhounds are known for their incredible sense of smell and their tenacity in tracking down lost or missing people or animals. They are also known for being gentle and affectionate, which makes them great family pets. Jake Perry's dog in the movie is no exception - he is a big, lovable hound who is always by Jake's side, no matter what.

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What kind of dog was in Big Jake?

Big Jake was a black and white sheepdog who belonged to the McQuade family. He was a big dog, weighing in at about two hundred pounds. He was a gentle giant, and was very protective of the family's children. He was also a bit of a clown, and loved to play fetch.

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How did the dog in Big Jake get along with the other animals on the farm?

The dog in Big Jake was a friendly dog that got along well with the other animals on the farm. He would often play with the other animals, and he was always quick to make new friends. The dog was always happy and always seemed to enjoy his life on the farm.

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What did the dog in Big Jake do when he wasn't working on the farm?

The dog in Big Jake didn't do much when he wasn't working on the farm. He would lay around in the sun and sleep. Sometimes he would go for a walk, but mostly he just rested. He was a good dog and did his job well.

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What did the dog in Big Jake think of the other farm animals?

The dog in Big Jake thought the other farm animals were interesting. He liked to watch them and see what they were up to. Sometimes he would bark at them, but mostly he just wanted to be friends.

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How did the dog in Big Jake feel about his life on the farm?

The dog in Big Jake felt very happy and content with his life on the farm. He loved being outdoors and running around in the open space. He enjoyed the company of the other animals on the farm and loved to play with the children. He always looked forward to meal times and was always excited to see what Jacob had in store for him.

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Did the dog in Big Jake ever want to leave the farm?

No, the dog in Big Jake never wanted to leave the farm. He always loved it there and enjoyed all of the activities that took place on the farm.

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What did the dog in Big Jake do when he saw strangers?

When the dog in Big Jake saw strangers, he was not sure what to do. He had never seen anyone like them before. He was curious and wanted to know more about them. He sniffed them and wagged his tail. He may have even barked at them, but he was not sure.

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How did the dog in Big Jake protect the farm?

The dog in Big Jake protects the farm by keeping watch and barking at intruders. He is also able to track down and find lost children.

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What did the dog in Big Jake do when he was bored?

When Big Jake was bored, he would often lie down and chew on his toy. Other times, he would run around the house, chasing his tail. Sometimes, he would even roll over and over in the grass, trying to get rid of his itch.

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What kind of dog is in Big Jake?

In the movie, "Big Jake," the dog is a Rough Collie and its name is Dog.

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What happens to Little Jake and Sam in the Outsiders?

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Big Jake and Little Jake go back to live their normal lives, presumably continuing to visit Fain's grave from time to time.

What kind of dog is Big Jake McCandles?

Big Jake McCandles is a gunfighter with a black Rough Collie mix dog named Dog.

Is big Jake’s dog a rough collie?

No, the dog in question is not a rough collie. Rough Collies come in sable, tri- or blue merle fur, and Dog does not exhibit characteristics of a rough collie.

What breed of dog is Jake from American Pickers?

There is no one answer to this question as American Pickers' Jake is most likely an English Bulldog. Even though there are many similar breeds of dog in the world, English Bulldogs are a very popular breed. They have a very short coat that is easy to care for and has a lot of personality. English Bulldogs are typically known for their loyal and playful personalities, which could be why Jake from American Pickers looks like he's having so much fun!

What happens at the end of Jake the dog?

Jake the Dog gains his powers in the farmworld, but has terrible results as he attacks Finn while turning into a giant lich-like monster.

What powers does Jake have in Jake and the bully?

Jake has the power to enlarge his liver, which will stop Me-Mow from killing him with her poison. He also uses his powers to pick locks.

What kind of dog is Jake the dog?

Adventure Time Jake the Dog is a mutt that Pendleton Ward has always said is "typical of best friends": he's a dog with an outgoing personality and boundless confidence, but also a little bit clumsy and goofy.

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