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What does cate often call her twin sister?

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Published: 2020-06-23

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What does cate often call her twin sister?

Cate regularly calls her twin sister a number of different names. These include: twin, sis, sister, twinny, and t

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What does cate's twin sister look like?

Cate's twin sister looks like a carbon copy of her. They have the same olive skin, dark hair, and green eyes. The only difference is that Cate's twin sister is a few inches shorter than her.

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What is cate's twin sister's favorite color?

Cate's twin sister's favorite color is blue. She loves the way it looks against her skin tone and the way it makes her feel. She has always been drawn to blue, even as a child. When she was younger, she would always choose blue clothes and accessories. Even now, as an adult, she still enjoys wearing blue. It is her go-to color when she is trying to feel calm and relaxed.

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What is cate's twin sister's favorite food?

Cate's twin sister's favorite food is sushi. She loves the way the rice and fish come together in a perfect bite, and the way the wasabi adds a bit of spice to the dish. She also enjoys the healthy aspects of sushi, as it is a very low-calorie food that is packed with nutrients.

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What is cate's twin sister's favorite hobby?

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Cate’s twin sister’s favorite hobby is most likely gardening. Cate’s twin sister is probably very fond of nature and the outdoors, and gardening is a great way to connect with both. Gardening also has a lot of benefits, including providing fresh fruits and vegetables, improving mental and physical health, and reducing stress.

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What does cate's twin sister want to be when she grows up?

Cate's twin sister has always been fascinated by the stars. She loves looking up at them at night and wondering what they are like. When she grows up, she wants to be an astronaut so she can see the stars up close. She knows it will be a lot of hard work, but she is up for the challenge. She also knows that she can make a difference in the world by being an astronaut and helping people to understand the universe better.

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What is cate's twin sister's best friend's name?

There is not enough information provided to answer this question.

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What is cate's twin sister's favorite animal?

Cate's twin sister's favorite animal is the elephant. She loves the way they are so big and gentle. She has always been fascinated by them and has even been to see them in their natural habitat. She loves how they are so family oriented and how they care for their young.

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What is cate's twin sister's favorite song?

Cate's twin sister's favorite song is "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston. Cate's twin sister loves this song because it is a beautiful and romantic song that reminds her of Cate. Cate's twin sister loves to sing this song to Cate whenever she gets the chance.

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