Why Shih Tzu Are the Worst Dog?

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Shih tzus are one of the most popular breeds of dog in the world and they’re considered by many to be a breed that’s full of personality and love. But, some people consider shih tzus to be the worst dog breed, so why is that?

For starters, shih tzus are notorious for being overly energetic dogs. Their small size can give them an energy advantage that might make it hard for some owners to handle them. They require plenty of attention and exercise on a regular basis in order to stay mentally stimulated and happy; otherwise, they can become bored easily or start behaving badly.

In addition to their high levels of energy, shih tzus can also display aggressive behavior if not properly trained or socialized from an early age. It is important for any shih tzu owner to remain vigilant when dealing with their pup’s growling or snapping as these behaviors can quickly escalate into something serious if left unchecked.

Lastly, due to their long coats (which may also require regular grooming as part of its maintenance), shedding issues should also factor into consideration when determining whether a shih tzu is “the worst dog." All dogs shed at least some hair each day but thankfully for those with allergies—a common problem among Shitzu owners—this particular breed has relatively low amounts compared other breeds which makes grooming simpler overall. With all these points taken together however it ultimately comes down individual preference as while some people could consider Shi Tzu's "the worst," just as many more could find them absolutely delightful pets!

What are the drawbacks of owning a Shih Tzu?

Shih Tzus are arguably one of the most beloved of domesticated pets. But despite their charm, there are some drawbacks to owning a Shih Tzu.

First and foremost, this breed is known for being a bit noisy when they live in busy homes or apartments with neighbors living nearby. They will bark at unfamiliar noises, people walking past your home and even when they need attention. And if you aren't used to it can be quite an annoyance to you and your family or neighborers.

Their coat also needs very frequent maintenance due to having long, double coats that shed fairly heavily year-round. You'll need to brush their hair daily if not more often in order to prevent mats and tangles from forming in the coat—not all Shih Tzus have been bred properly so nail trimming may also be necessary as well. While some owners may enjoy grooming their dogs others may find it quite tedious over time - so this is something important for prospective pet parents to consider before getting a Shih Tzu of their own.

Additionally, as toy dogs these pups tend to suffer from breathing difficulties although it isn't always present in every pup - some snore excessively which can become problematic overtime if regular medical check-ups are ignored on the dog's behalf due this problem persisting over time leading into potential health complications from neglecting treatments prescribed by vets. If such problems were presented during adoption process then making sure the pup remains constantly monitored should take place too often too!

The last potential drawback is that Shih Tzus unfortunately aren't legally considered “hypoallergenic”—while they're single coated (as opposed to double) and don't usually produce as much dander as other breeds do, many people who struggle with allergies find that these dogs still bring about allergic reactions even though any fur isn’t being exposed into environment innately via pup itself rather than through pet parent's negligence. That said – again – prospective pet parents should take care during initial stages of pet scouting process beforehand just so regrettable incidents like these don’t occur post purchase of such breed!!

Overall while owning a Shih Tzu can bring lots of joy – prospective owners must be aware that this breed comes with many responsibilities (i.e cost effectiveness) beyond mere physical aesthetics including physical maintenance & checksup much needed!

What are some of the health problems common to Shih Tzus?

Shih Tzus are some of the most popular dogs in households across the world. Their cheerful personalities, silky fur, and adorable faces make them particularly beloved by many dog owners. However, despite their adorableness, there are several health issues that this breed can suffer from.

One of the most common health problems Shih Tzus face is obesity. As a result of their small size and hearty appetite, it can be incredibly easy for them to overindulge on treats and human food if left unchecked. Too much weight can lead to more serious medical complications such as joint pain caused osteoarthritis or metabolic diseases such as diabetes. Owners should take extra care to monitor their diets carefully and try to provide a healthy diet appropriate for its breed size in order reduce risks of developing overweight problems or other associated illnesses down the line.

Another issue affecting Shih Tzus that owners must be aware include breathing difficulties due to specialized respiratory structures they possess by birth throat problems like reverse sneezing which may in rare cases indicate an underlying disease or infection involving its respiratory system like canine distemper canine influenzas etc Responsible owners must never use muzzles collars choke chains etc but only properly fitted harnesses approved ones when out on walks especially if your dog often engages in loud barking episodes Pulling tight with these types of equipment increases risk for choking as well as nosebleed snorting problems.

Eye disorders represent another genetic condition effecting this breed from time time Since eyes play important role being part communication conveyance agility it essential ensure any signs symptoms conjunctivitis eye irritation redness itching swelling premature cloudiness glaucoma excessive tearing cataracts blindness taken care immediately In worst cases surgical procedures might be required remove torn corneal tissue replace eyelid abnormality relocate otherwise misplaced fatty deposits correct defect vision before permanent damage done.

Finally dental diseases can cause issues pertaining tight jaw structure whether due teeth crowding misalignoty bad breath gum recession loose teeth Unless addressed through regular checkups brushing effective dental hygiene diet supplements build stronger immune system eventual tooth loss preventable situation do not place treat inside lying mouth less oral bacteria flourish especially if not disposed treats chewing foods goodies ration moderated balanced portions daily activity monitored frequent exercise too.

How do Shih Tzus handle apart from other pets in the family?

Shih Tzus are unique creatures that stand out from the other pets in their family. They are a breed of companion dog that is friendly, social, and affectionate. Not only do they offer unconditional love and loyalty to their owners but they also enjoy being part of the family dynamics as well. Shih tzu's have a natural instinct to treat all members of the same family with equal respect and kindness; regardless if its humans or other animals in the house.

One distinguishing trait that sets Shih Tzus apart from other breeds is their classic sense of protectiveness towards their ‘selves’ otherwise known as ‘watchdogs’. Often times these little dogs have been known to recognize danger quicker than most other breeds due to their acute senses; making them suitable guardians for those who possess them. This attribute makes them excellent candidates for home security when paired with proper training from an experienced professional trainer or veterinarian specialist who allows its clients to keep protection animals without a permit

Another aspect setting Shih Tzus aside from most domesticated household pets is how interact with different age groups like children or seniors living in multigenerational homes. Due to having softer temperaments, these canines adjust easily towards families regardless of age make-up; including toddlers and grandparents alike! With patience and diligence on behalf of it's owners, non aggressive behaviors such as growling or barking can be addressed allowing children (regardless ages) to play alongside these furry friends safely while teaching appropriate canine manners under supervision. It's not uncommon for seniors too get chearful when a Shi-Tzu comes around. The breed has been noted for its low maintenance routines which correlates well those needing assistance but wish stay independent within household settings tracking progress by observing daily small gains rather then worrying about massive chunks like paper work typically associated when adopting adult ys unds canines

Ultimately shi tzu's really shine when it comes being part beloved addition families, but what makes them so endearing is how understand variety roles within same, adapting altercations whenever may be needed keep everyone feel safe secure.

Do Shih Tzus require a lot of grooming?

The answer to this question is – it depends! Shih Tzus have long, luxurious coats that require frequent grooming and brushing. In addition, they tend to be a heavier shedder than many other breeds which means their coats will need regular brushing and combing in order to keep them looking neat and beautiful all year round. However, with a little bit of maintenance and effort on the part of their owners, Shih Tzu doesn't necessarily require a lot of grooming.

Brushing your dog's coat once or twice a week should be enough for most dogs. Depending on your lifestyle or the amount of dirt your pup collects outdoors during walks, you may need to brush more frequently in order to prevent tangling or matting in the thick fur. If you're feeling particularly ambitious, weekly baths can help keep their glossy locks healthy too!

Additionally, clipping nails is something all pet parents should be doing regularly for the health of their pup's feet. The same goes for cleaning out ears - cleaning ears before wax build-up occurs helps maintain overall ear health as well as prevents infections from forming down the line so make sure you are checking those ears at least once every couple weeks.

Overall, while Shih Tzus do have higher grooming needs relative to other breeds due to their lush (but prone to tangling) coat type; with proper care and good routine habits these regal looking dogs shouldn't require too much extra attention when it comes time for updates in grooming routines!

Are Shih Tzus suitable for busy households?

Shih Tzus are popular dogs, known for their self-confidence and adorable expressive faces. Many dog owners wonder: are Shih Tzus suitable for busy households? The answer is yes!

Shih Tzus may be small in size, but they’re bustling bundles of energy! They need plenty of exercise every day. While they’re willing to play ball or go on a brisk walk around the neighborhood, they don’t require as much outdoor time and excursion as some other breeds. This makes them great companions for people living in apartments or homes with limited outdoor space. Plus, Shih Tzus excel at mental stimulation just as much as physical activity – so you can engage them in activities like puzzle toys and interactive treat games to keep them entertained when you don’t have the time to take them out for a walk.

In addition to their playful personalities, these dynamic dogs are also great companions for families with busy lifestyles due to their remarkable intelligence and trainability. It takes patience and persistence, but most Shih Tzu owners can teach their pets basic commands with ease; essential skills including sit, stay come handy if your pooch needs supervision during times when you’re out at work or running errands all day long!

Lastly, these dogs tend to bond closely with the people that care most about them – making it easy to fit into family life on the go while still forming lasting connections within each member of your household no matter how busy things get outside the home walls! All in all, if given proper training and attention (just like any other breed!) a friendly Shi Tzu is sure to be an excellent fit even when life keeps moving forward faster than expected...

Are Shih Tzus difficult to train?

When it comes to training a dog, Shih Tzus have somewhat of a mixed reputation. They are popular breeds that are known for their intelligence and loyal personalities, but they can also be quite stubborn. Shih tzu owners often need to use added patience, consistency and positive reinforcement when training them.

First off, it’s important to point out that Shih Tzus are highly intelligent dogs who crave companionship and attention. You might find it helpful to establish yourself as the leader in your household early on with the pup to reduce the chances of disobedience later on down the line while Dog Training them. Since they’re smart creatures, they need rules and boundaries set in place or else they might become spoiled or over-excitable which can make training difficult.

Owners also need understand just how sensitive this breed is when being trained; too much yelling or scolding can easily cause emotional damage that takes longer than an average canine to recover from – meaning 1 bad experience can delay further progress indefinitely! So What works best for these majestic animals? Positive reinforcement based methods – such as reward systems using treats; this has been proven time and time again in recent behavioural studies conducted by leading Dog Trainers across Europe – more specifically clicker Training techniques have shown excellent successes rates for these purebred cuties!

To conclude; whilst there is always some small degree of difficulty associated with any kind of pet care; given enough patience & guidance from experienced trainers then yes – A Shih Tzu shouldn’t be considered all too difficult to train realistically! Preceding articles have expanded upon many tips & tricks involved in getting the best out of your cute little buddy - so I will simply link those publications at this point rather than reinventing any wheels hehe

In short: Yes, while they may require additional effort compared some other breeds - Shih Tzus aren't overly challenging to train provided you follow a few simple steps!

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