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Baretta had a blue and gold macaw named Fred. The bird was often seen on the show and became something of a mascot for the series. It is not known exactly where Baretta got Fred, but it is presumed that he was either given to him by a friend or acquired from a local pet store.

How did Baretta get his bird?

Baretta is an American detective drama television series that aired on ABC from 1975 to 1978. The title character, Robert "Bob" Baretta, played by Robert Blake, is a tough, streetwise undercover detective with the New York City Police Department. Baretta's pet cockatoo, Fred, often rode with him on his shoulder and played a significant role in many episodes.

Fred was originally obtained by Baretta from a informant in exchange for leniency on a drug charge. The informant, Angelo (played by Danny Aiello), was a local hoodlum and the cockatoo's former owner. Angelo had found the bird on the street and took him in, but when he was arrested, he didn't want the bird to end up in the pound.

Baretta was initially reluctant to take the bird, but he changed his mind after Fred began to imitate his voice and mannerisms. The two quickly bonded and Fred became an unofficial member of the police force, often helping Baretta to crack cases.

While the exact origins of Fred the cockatoo are unknown, it is clear that he played a significant role in the success of the Baretta television series. His character added a unique element to the show and helped to make it one of the most popular detective dramas of the 1970s.

How did the bird help Baretta solve crimes?

Baretta was a American police procedural drama television series which ran on ABC from 1975-78. The series starred Robert Blake as Tony Baretta, a tough but streetwise undercover detective in the New York City Police Department's 53rd Precinct in the Bronx.

The series was created by Stephen J. Cannell and executive produced bybaretta . In the show, Baretta's main character drove a rusted-out, blue Chevrolet Nova, which he nicknamed "The Blue Ghost". He would frequently park it in dangerous neighborhoods to goad criminals into attacking him so he could apprehend them.

Baretta solved crimes with the help of his pet cockatoo, Fred. The bird would often help him by providing clues that he would otherwise miss. For instance, in one episode, Fred helped Baretta solve a case by pecking at a map of the city that was hanging on the wall. The map led Baretta to the location of the criminals' hideout.

In another episode, Fred helped Baretta apprehend a group of criminals by squawking loudly when they tried to sneak up on him. The criminals were so startled by the bird's noise that they gave themselves away and Baretta was able to arrest them.

Although Fred was not always featured prominently in the show, he was an important part of Baretta's crime-solving team. The bird's ability to provide clues that helped Baretta solve cases made him a valuable asset to the detective and earned him the nickname "The Bird Dog".

How did the bird and Baretta communicate?

The bird and Baretta had a very special communication. It was based on a mutual understanding and trust. The bird would start by whistling a certain tune and then Baretta would respond by imitating the tune. This back and forth would continue until both parties were satisfied that they had communicated effectively.

The bird always seemed to have a message for Baretta, whether it was something important or just a friendly hello. This communication was a special bond between the two of them and it was something that Baretta cherished.

Baretta always looked forward to hearing the bird's whistle and would always respond in kind. It was a special way for them to connect and it meant a lot to Baretta. The bird was always there for Baretta and it was a comfort to know that they could communicate so easily.

What kind of personality did the bird have?

The bird had a very friendly personality. It was always happy and chirping, and never seemed to get angry or frustrated. It was also very curious, and would often fly close to people to check them out. It was clear that the bird loved life and enjoyed every moment.

How did the bird and Baretta become friends?

The bird and Baretta became friends when the bird saved Baretta's life. Baretta had been walking along a high wire when he slipped and fell. The bird saw what had happened and flew to Baretta's rescue, breaking his fall and saving his life. After that, the two became fast friends.

What did the bird do when Baretta wasn't around?

In Baretta's absence, the bird did what it always did: perched atop a power line and sang. The bird found the power line by following the sounds of cars on the street below. The bird liked the power line because it gave the bird a good view of the neighborhood. The bird could see all the comings and goings, and the bird felt safe on the power line.

When Baretta was around, the bird would often perch on his head or shoulder. The bird liked being close to Baretta because the man always had an interesting story to tell. Baretta would often talk to the bird, and the bird enjoyed the sound of his voice.

The bird missed Baretta when he wasn't around, but the bird could never stay sad for long. There was always something to sing about, and the bird knew that Baretta would always come back.

What happened to the bird when Baretta died?

When Baretta died, the bird disappeared. No one knows what happened to it, but some believe that the bird flew away to find another home. Others believe that the bird died with Baretta.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the actors in the movie Baretta?

The following actors appeared in the movie Baretta: Tom Ewell, Michael D. Roberts, Dana Elcar, Edward Grover

How did the Baretta show start?

In 1973, ABC executive Michael Eisner contacted the star about doing a police series, which culminated in Baretta. Blake was given creative control in most aspects of production.

Is Baretta based on a true story?

No, the title character is an fictional police officer who was conceived and created for the television series.

Where does Tony Baretta live in the Outsiders?

Tony Baretta resides in Apartment 2C of the run-down King Edward Hotel.

How much does a cockatoo cost?

Cockatoos cost on average between $600 to $1500 depending on species, age, level of training, colors, and breeder. Rare species such as Palm Cockatoos can cost upward of $16,000!

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