What Is the Withers on a Dog?

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Posted Nov 5, 2022

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The withers on a dog are the highest point on the dog's back, just behind the neck. The withers are often used as a point of reference when measuring the height of a dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the withers on a dog&why are they important?

The withers on a dog is the highest part on a dog’s back when the dog is standing on all four legs. When measuring your dog’s height, it’s important to measure by the withers to get an accurate and consistent measurement.

Where are my dog’s Withers?

There will be a bony point that you’ll feel around this area.

What is the withers on a horse?

The withers on a horse is the ridge between its shoulder blades.

How to measure a dog's Withers?

You'll need to feel the dog's withers in order to measure them.

What are the withers on a dog?

The withers on a dog are the tallest point of the dog’s body.

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