What Is Gargamel's Cat's Name on the Smurfs?

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What is Gargamel's cat's name?

Gargamel's cat's name is Azrael. Gargamel is a sorcerer who is the archenemy of the Smurfs. He is always trying to capture them and turn them into gold. He is also always trying to find a way to get rid of them. Azrael is his faithful companion and helper. He is a black cat who is very loyal to Gargamel.

How did Gargamel's cat get its name?

Gargamel's cat, also known as Azrael, is a recurring character in The Smurfs comic book series, who made his first appearance in Hanna-Barbera's Saturday morning cartoon show.

Gargamel's cat was originally nameless, until a contest was held to name him in the October 1967 issue of TV Guide. The winning name, Azrael, was submitted by Carol A. Miller of Detroit, Michigan.

The name "Azrael" is derived from the angel of death in Islamic and Hebrew tradition. In the comics, Gargamel's cat is often seen as a comical and bumbling sidekick, more interested in napping and eating than in helping his master. However, he has been known to show occasional moments of bravery and cunning, such as when he helped Gargamel capture a Smurf in "The Smurfette" (1980) and when he tricked Brainy Smurf into thinking he was going to eat him in "Gargamel's Time Trick" (1981).

Even though Gargamel's cat is not particularly bright, his name is still a source of amusement for the other Smurfs. In "The Smurfs and the Magic Flute" (1983), when Papa Smurf asks Brainy to name all the animals in the forest, Brainy includes Gargamel's cat in his list and says his name is "Mr. Fuzzybottom". This prompts a laugh from the other Smurfs, much to Brainy's dismay.

What does Gargamel's cat look like?

Gargamel's cat, Azrael, is a scrawny, blue-furred feline with a large, bulbous head. He is always shown barefoot, and his long tail is usually coiled around his feet. Azrael is not very intelligent, and is often used as a comic relief character. He is also easily scared, and is often seen running away from various threats in a cowardly fashion.

What is Gargamel's cat's personality like?

Gargamel's cat is a small, energetic, and very curious animal. He is always exploring his surroundings and is very active. He is also very playful and loves to play with his toys.

What does Gargamel's cat like to eat?

Gargamel's cat, Azrael, is a finicky eater. He only likes to eat his food if it is wet, and he usually won't eat anything that isn't wet. This can be a problem for Gargamel, because sometimes he can't find anything that Azrael will eat. When this happens, Gargamel has to get creative.

One time, Gargamel tried to feed Azrael a piece of dry bread. Azrael just sniffed it and then walked away. Gargamel tried to give Azrael some milk, but Azrael just licked it and then left it alone. Gargamel even tried giving Azrael some wet food, but Azrael just turned up his nose at it.

Gargamel was getting frustrated. He didn't know what to do. Then he had an idea. He got a can of tuna and opened it up. Then he poured some of the tuna water on the dry bread and held it out to Azrael. Azrael sniffed it and then started to eat it. Gargamel was relieved.

Since then, Gargamel has learned that the key to getting Azrael to eat is to make his food wet. Azrael doesn't seem to care what kind of wet food he eats, as long as it is wet. So, if you ever see Gargamel's cat eating, chances are that his food is wet.

What is Gargamel's cat's favorite toy?

Gargamel's cat, Azrael, enjoys playing with a variety of toys, but his favorite is definitely his little red ball. Azrael loves to chase the ball around the house and pounce on it when it's sitting still. He spent hours every day playing with it, and it always brings a smile to his face.

Where does Gargamel's cat like to sleep?

Gargamel's cat, Scruple, loves to sleep in his owner's bed. Gargamel usually lets him sleep there, as it's the only place in the house where Scruple can be comfortable and safe. Gargamel usually sleepwalks, so he's not usually aware of Scruple's presence in his bed. However, on the rare occasions when Gargamel is aware of Scruple's presence, he doesn't mind. In fact, he finds it quite endearing.

How does Gargamel's cat get along with other animals?

Gargamel's cat is a mean, nasty cat that doesn't get along with other animals. It's always hissing and growling, and it never misses an opportunity to swipe at other animals with its claws. Even though it's small, it's a ferocious little thing, and other animals give it a wide berth.

How does Gargamel's cat get along with humans?

Gargamel's cat, known colloquially as "Gargy", is a fixture in Gargamel's life. Gargy is a small, black cat with a white chest and paws. Though Gargy is not overly affectionate with humans, he tolerates their presence and has even been known to curl up on Gargamel's lap on occasion. Gargy is very intelligent and seems to understand what Gargamel says to him; he is also very resourceful, as shown by his ability to open doors and cabinets.

Though Gargy is not what one would call a "people cat", he gets along well enough with humans. He is not afraid of them, and will even allow himself to be petted on occasion. Gargy is, however, very much a creature of habit and prefers to stick to his own routine. He is not fond of change, and will often hide if there is something new or different going on in his environment.

Overall, Gargy is a relatively low-maintenance cat. He is not demanding of attention or affection, but he is also not entirely aloof. He enjoys his own company, but is not opposed to the occasional human interaction. Gargy is a loyal and loving companion to Gargamel, and though he may not be the most outgoing of cats, he brings a great deal of joy to his owner's life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of Gargamel's cat?

Azrael is Gargamel's cat.

What is Gargamel's personality?

Gargamel is a grumpy, sour man with a heart of gold when it suits him. He hates the Smurfs and will do anything to get his hands on their magical food. Gargamel is also very shrewd and cunning, able to outwit even the smartest Smurf.

What does Gargamel's cat Azrael mean?

Gargamel's cat Azrael means "God is my helper."

What happened to Gargamel in the Smurfs?

Gargamel was last seen heading into an unknown direction, promising to get his revenge on the Smurfs someday. It is likely that he failed in his quest and has since faded into obscurity.

Is Gargamel a good guy?

While Gargamel is not always the most honest or righteous character, he does have a deep seated love for magic and his own gain. He also has a level of cunning that allows him to deceive others into thinking he is their friend. Despite this, Gargamel is essentially a coward who runs away from conflicts he cannot win. In the end, Gargamel's only goal is self-aggrandizement and he can be quite ruthless in achieving it.

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