What Is a Patience Pole for Horses?

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Posted Nov 24, 2022

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A patience pole is a training tool used to help horses learn self-control and patience. The pole is typically made of wood or PVC and is positioned in the middle of the arena. The horse is then asked to walk around the pole, keeping their head and body in alignment. As the horse masters walking around the pole, they can then be asked to walk over/under it, stand next to it, and eventually touch it with their nose.

The patience pole is an excellent tool for teaching horses to stand still, as it requires them to use their bodies in a controlled manner. It also helps them to develop confidence and trust, as they must rely on the handler to guide them around the pole.

When used correctly, the patience pole can be a great asset in training horses. However, it is important to note that this tool should only be used under the supervision of a qualified trainer.

How can a patience pole help horses?

A patience pole can help horses in a number of ways. For example, it can help them learn to stand still for longer periods of time, which can be useful when they are being groomed or vaccinated. It can also help them become less afraid of poles, which can be helpful if they need to be handled in a confined space. Additionally, the pole can help horses learn to back up calmly, and can be used as a method of training horses to make them less reactive to sudden movements.

What is the difference between a regular pole and a patience pole for horses?

Poles are an important part of training horses. They can be used in a variety of ways to help horses learn to navigate different types of obstacles. Regular poles are typically used to create ground poles, which are placed on the ground in a line or in a pattern. Horses learn to navigate these poles by walking or trotting over them. Patience poles are also placed on the ground, but they are placed further apart than ground poles. Horses learn to navigate patience poles by walking or trotting in between them. This requires the horse to have more control and to be more patient. Patience poles can also be used to create cavaletti, which are small jumps that horses must negotiate.

How can you tell if a horse is ready to use a patience pole?

A horse is ready to use a patience pole when it is comfortable with being around the pole and has no fears or concerns about it. The horse should be able to approach the pole from any direction and be able to stand still next to it. The horse should also be willing to move away from the pole when asked.

How do you know when a horse is done with the patience pole?

A horse is done with the patience pole when it touches the ground with its nose and/or stops trying to eat the treats.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the patience Poles?

Patience Poles are an Ottoman-style furniture piece specifically designed for horses. The poles are 12′ long with a hub and tether bar to allow the horse to freely move in a circle without becoming entangled. Made with an industrial grade bearing that never requires lubrication, the poles are attractive and require virtually no upkeep. Chain and snap not included.

Does your gelding have the best patience when alone?

One way to help your gelding have better patience when alone is to tie him to a pole or tree and allow him to pull on himself. Watch for indications that he’s ready to be let go, such as sitting calmly and ignoring the other horses or riders nearby. Once your gelding is comfortable with being tied up this way, you can gradually introduce people/horses into his environment one at a time. Be patient and watch for any signs of anxiety or discomfort–if he starts to bolt or show any other signs of stress, take him back off the pole/tree immediately!

What does the patience Pole do for dogs?

The patience pole allows dogs to move their feet if they’re anxious, without getting anywhere, thus traveling no where fast until they learn to stand quietly.

How long can a horse be tied to a patience pole?

A horse can remain tied to a patience pole for a reasonable amount of time, though you should use good judgment, factoring in the horse’s age, whether they have shade, and whether they are calm. Never leave a horse tied to a patience pole as punishment.

How long should a pole chain be for a horse?

There is no one answer to this question as it will depend on the size of horse and chain length that works best for that horse. Generally speaking, though, a pole chain should be long enough so that the end droops slightly when the horse has normal head carriage, but not so long as to allow them to put a leg through.

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