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Pete and Jon Najarian are two familiar faces on CNBC. Brothers Pete and Jon host the show “Halftime” as well as multiple other shows throughout the week. With a combination of analytical stock trading knowledge and financial advice, the two stocks exchange traders explain what moves markets on a daily basis.

Pete and Jon’s career in stock-picking started in Chicago in the late 80s, when the brothers prospered from the strategies they had developed from their father and grandfather’s experience. After successful stints at Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, LaSalle St Investment Group, and their own firm Najarian Financial Group, Pete was appointed as Director of Derivatives Strategy at CBS Marketwatch in 1999. During this time, both Pete and Jon moved to CNBC to offer, advise investors options trading strategies while giving away enormous amounts of tips that help keep viewers informed of what’s going on in the financial world.

Today Pete serves as a contributor to Halftime Report alongside his brother Jonn Najarian who is a former member of ‘The Bears&Mawshedders’ trading team at Illinois-based market specialists firm Bear Stearns. As one of CNBC’s veteran contributors, he provides viewers with sharp analysis based on his many years of experience in the field – helping viewers understand how certain stocks can last during specific times or which stocks could become available within certain markets. In addition to his work analyzing investments for Halftime report audience he can be seen as guest panelist for other popular CNBC programs such as Options Action & Fast Money.

Sometimes life gives us new challenges which impacts how we inspire others professionally for our own family members. Having given invaluable insights about market volatility Pete & John have decided to take new steps towards the investment industry working together at The Najarian Family Office (NFO). This gives them an opportunity to offer customized financial services not only to wealthy individuals but also philanthropic organizations that promote health and educational programs. Their decision reflects their shared passion for using their history & expertise to assist others in achieving economic success while protecting investors through prudent risk management schemes.

What news stories have Pete and Jon Najarian discussed on CNBC?

Pete and Jon Najarian of CNBC’s “Halftime Report” are two traders highly regarded for their ability to make informed investment decisions despite market volatility. The brothers offer investors advice on investments in both traditional markets as well as the cryptocurrency market. They also take a keen interest in tackling various topics related to the stocks sector, giving their insights and market updates on premieres and reruns of “Fast Money Halftime Report”.

Over the years, the Najarian brothers have discussed numerous stories that made news headlines either due to their relevance or importance in stock trading. Several examples include their discussion about Apple shares increasing by 5 percent after reporting quarterly earnings per share; Square Inc raising by 4 percent after surpassing analysts’ estimates for Q4 adjusted revenue; Microsoft knocking it out of the park with Q4 earnings per share; and Softbank buying an additional $1 billion stake of Uber stock. They have also taken interest in multinational technology companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Tesla, and Amazon, observing trends with these companies’ stock movements over time and discussing strategies related to each one of them.

Not only do they stick to discussing mainstream markets but they are known to discuss cryptocurrency topics as well such as Binance's acquisition of a crypto derivatives exchange platform Swipe; Ripple swooping up yet another stakeholder - American Express; JP Morgan’s launch of a ‘cryptocurrency strategy’; and exchanges such as Kraken seizing growth opportunities amid pandemic volatility. From media behemoths to emerging startups, Pete and Jon Najarian endear investors with their timely observations about newsworthy events occurring in the world of finance.

How often do Pete and Jon Najarian appear on CNBC?

Pete and Jon Najarian are regular fixtures on the popular business news channel CNBC. Pete, a co-founder of OptionMonster, CNBC contributor and famed Wall Street trader, is no stranger to the network. He appears regularly on shows such as Mad Money with Jim Cramer and Squawk Alley. His brother Jon also appears from time to time and is most closely associated with CNBC's Fast Money show. Both brothers comment on topics ranging from financial market developments to daily stock analysis and other financial topics.

The duo appear quite often, though not as frequently as before. While Jon appears every 1–2 weeks on Fast Money, Pete makes at least two appearances a week split between Mad Money and Squawk Alley. Last year, both brothers appeared heavily during times of market volatility or economic uncertainty, such as the Stock Marke Crash in March of 2020 and the launch of the government’s $2.2 trillion stimulus package in March 2020 in response to the coronavirus pandemic.


Pete and Jon Najarian appear regularly on CNBC throughout the year but are more likely to show up during times of economic unrest or volatility when their vast knowledge of market movements could provide much needed insight for viewers. Both Pete and Jon typically appear individually or together at least once a week on different shows throughout the network, offering valuable insights into financial markets and individual stock performances for viewers across all levels of expertise.

What topics does Pete and Jon Najarian typically cover on CNBC?

Pete and Jon Najarian are two finance experts that have made a name for themselves on CNBC. Their segments typically cover a variety of topics, from industry news to financial analysis. They provide audience with important information about what is going on in the markets, and how these things may affect their investment decisions.

Pete and Jon may offer their insight into a company’s fundamentals, giving viewers an idea of what direction the stock might be headed in and potential entry points or exits they should consider. They’ll often offer technical analysis, which looks at the charts of stocks to identify trading opportunities that can be profitable in any market environment. Their breadth of knowledge enables them to also discuss sector trends, global events and macroeconomic news that could be affecting the way markets swing.

In addition to discussing current events, Pete and Jon also look at developing trends and changes that could have an impact on people’s portfolios over the long term. They provide viewers with insight into changes such as new regulations or technologies that could benefit investors in both the shorter-term and the long run.

Overall, pete and jon cover a wide range of topics aimed at helping their audience make better-informed investing decisions when it comes to their money. Through powerful business analysis backed by reliable data sources, Pete and Jon provide viewers with trust-worthy news about what's happening in the world of finance today.

What types of investments have Pete and Jon Najarian highlighted on CNBC?

Pete and Jon Najarian, two options traders and longtime Wall Street veterans with backgrounds in investment banking and portfolio management, have become a popular name on the financial media giant CNBC. Both brothers share a penchant for spotting opportunities in the stock market, regardless of company size or industry sector. Through their regular segments on CNBC’s Power Lunch, they offer their insights on which investments offer the most returns and risk.

The duo emphasize specialty options trading strategies when it comes to investments, such as using call options to get in early on stocks that they believe are ready to take off soon. They also discuss selling put options as a way to protect against downside risk. This approach is referred to as “treading water” because it allows you to benefit from any upside potential while at the same time limit any downside losses from a falling stock price. In addition to these specialty options trades, Pete and Jon Najarian also point out companies that have good underlying value or potential for a short-term gain.

Additionally, the brothers also actively look for longer term investments that offer moderate but consistent returns such as dividend paying stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). They recommend ETFs because of their diversified holdingswhich can help reduce overall risk by spreading out your investments across multiple sectors of the economy. When selecting stocks they look at businesses with strong brands and growing revenues while avoiding those with high levels of debt or flawed business models. By taking these steps Pete and Jon Najarian provide viewers with an actionable plan of how to identify promising investments in today's financial markets.

How long have Pete and Jon Najarian been appearing on CNBC?

Pete and Jon Najarian have been presenting on CNBC since 2004, when the brothers left their positions as floor traders at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE). They quickly became regular guests on the network and appeared almost daily from 2004-2013, offering viewers options insight and stock trading ideas.

The brothers' appearances peaked in 2013 with their show "Closing Bell" which aired from 3-4 PM EST daily. During this time, they discussed a variety of ideas with their insights ranging from sectors to earnings stories and strategies for buying stocks at advantageous price levels.

Since 2013, Pete and Jon continue to appear regularly on CNBC programs such as Power Lunch and Halftime Report – offering viewers tips, strategies, and insights into investing. They have also contributed to other programming including CNBC's Strategy Session and all-day coverage of high-profile events like Warren Buffett's Annual Stockholder Meetings. Their combined 20+ years of appearance on CNBC has made them highly sought after experts in the field of investing and stocks.

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