Digital Entertainment: Keep Your Pets Engaged with Online Content

Author Clara Cole

Posted Jun 1, 2023

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Many pet owners – those who’ve had pets for a while now and those who have recently gotten a new pet – would totally agree on one thing: how their pets demand attention and affection so much. It’s not that you are not a very good pet owner; you are, it’s just hard to keep up with them considering your busy lifestyle. Maybe you can keep them entertained for a few hours while you still have time. Or if you have multiple pets, they can give each other some company. But it’s still not a given. That’s why you’re here; we have listed some of the ways that you can keep your pets entertained using online content. Yes, you read it right: the digital world has solutions for many aspects of our lives, especially to keep our pets occupied. So keep reading to find out how that is possible.

Before we go on, to access these online content, you need an internet connection. You don’t want your pets being engrossed in the online app only to have it interrupted because the connection was disrupted. That’s why we advise reliable internet with super-fast speeds and seamless connectivity by the best internet service providers like Xfinity. Its 24/7 Xfinity customer service makes it a reliable option for having your internet queries resolved.

Pocket Pond 2

Download Pocket Pond 2 for your pet cat. It is available for both Android and Apple (iPhone and iPad) devices. This game was not actually designed for pets, but due to its aesthetics and sounds and because cats like fish (it has fish in it!), it is the right app for your pet cat. Show them Pocket Pond 2 and watch them tap on the screen with their tiny paws to make the ripples appear in the water fish flitting away and moving around. It will definitely keep them hooked!

Spotify for Pets

You read that right! Spotify understands the unique relationship we humans have with our pets, and that as a result, we want our pets to feel good the same as we do. If you don’t believe that, here’s one for you: Spotify did research in which they found that 8 in 10 pet owners believe that their pets enjoy music as well. They think music helps their pets to relieve stress and boost their happiness, all while being a really good companion! Go to to design a playlist for your pet. Input a few pieces of information about your pet and let the Spotify algorithm find the most relatable music for your pet.


DogTV is to dogs what Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, etc. is for you. It’s a streaming service specially designed for your pet dog. The programs available on DogTV are designed to keep your dog calm and encourage sleep, and some may desensitize your dog to often-upsetting scenarios. When you play the DogTV on your screen, you may notice that the colors look a little different. That is because these colors are designed to suit your dog’s eyes. They have dichromatic, meaning that they can only see two colors. It’s a 24/7 streaming service that you can stream on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or iOS/Android.

Wrapping Up

Digital entertainment isn’t only specifically for humans now, it also offers many features for our pets. Whether you are working from home and need a few minutes to yourself or you need to go out, you can turn on the programs or apps on your smart devices to keep your pets occupied. Do keep in mind that excessive viewing of online content should be avoided, both for yourself and your pets.

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