Does Marinette Know Adrien Is Cat Noir?

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There are many theories out there about whether or not Marinette knows that Adrien is Cat Noir. Some people believe that she does and some believe that she doesn't. Personally, I believe that she does know. Here's why...

Marinette has always been shown to be very observant. She's always able to tell when something is off with Adrien, even when he's trying to hide it. For example, she was able to tell that he was sad when he came to school after his mom had passed away. She was also able to tell that he was nervous about something before the class trip to Italy. If she can pick up on these small details, then it's very likely that she's also able to tell when he's wearing a disguise.

There have also been a few instances where it seems like Marinette knows that Adrien is Cat Noir. For example, in the episode "Ladybug & Cat Noir", Marinette was able to tell that Adrien was the one who stole her yo-yo. She also knew that he was the one who transformed into Cat Noir in the episode "The Pharoah's Beloved".

So, does Marinette know that Adrien is Cat Noir? I believe she does. She's shown to be very observant and there have been a few instances where it seems like she does know.

How did Marinette find out about Adrien's secret identity?

Ever since Marinette Dupain-Cheng found out that her classmate, Adrien Agreste, is secretly the superhero Cat Noir, her life has been turned upside down. It all started when she accidentally stumbled upon his secret identity. She was walking home from school one day when she saw Adrien transform into Cat Noir right before her eyes. At first, she was completely shocked and didn't know what to think. But then she started putting the pieces together and realized that Adrien must be Cat Noir. She started to notice all of the times that he would mysteriously disappear or show up late to school, and it all made sense.

Since finding out Adrien's secret, Marinette has had to take on a lot of responsibility. She has become Cat Noir's sidekick and partner-in-crime fighting, which isn't always easy. She has to make sure to keep his secret safe, which isn't always easy either. But she knows that it's important and she takes her duty seriously. After all, if she were to let Adrien's secret out, it could mean big trouble for him and his family.

All in all, Marinette is happy that she knows Adrien's secret. It gives her a sense of closeness to him and makes her feel like she has a special connection to him. Knowing that she is the only one who knows his secret makes her feel special and important. It's a lot of responsibility, but Marinette is up for the challenge.

What does Marinette think about Adrien being Cat Noir?

Marinette has a crush on Adrien and she knows that he is Cat Noir. She loves that he is a superhero and that he is always there to save the day. She is also aware of the fact that he has a crush on Ladybug. While she may be jealous of Ladybug, she also knows that she can't control who he likes. She just hopes that someday he will realize that she is the one for him.

Does Marinette approve of Adrien's superhero activities?

No, Marinette does not approve of Adrien's superhero activities for a number of reasons. Marinette is very protective of Adrien and does not want him to put himself in danger. She also does not like the idea of him keeping secrets from her, and she feels like she can't trust him if he's constantly lying to her about what he's doing. Additionally, Marinette is worried that Adrien's superhero activities will eventually come between them and ruin their friendship.

How does Marinette feel about keeping Adrien's secret?

Marinette feels very guilty about keeping Adrien's secret. She is constantly worried that she will be discovered and that Adrien will be in danger. She feels like she is betraying him by not telling anyone about his secret, but she knows that it is for the best. Marinette is also extremely protective of Adrien and his secret, and she is always ready to defend him if necessary.

What would happen if Marinette told Adrien she knew he was Cat Noir?

If Marinette told Adrien that she knew he was Cat Noir, a lot of things could happen. Adrien might be surprised at first, but he would probably be happy that Marinette knows his secret. They could then team up together to fight crime in Paris as Cat Noir and Ladybug.

Or, Adrien might not be so happy that Marinette knows his secret. He might be worried that she would tell others, or that she would use his secret against him somehow. He might even try to keep her from being Ladybug so that she couldn't tell anyone his secret.

In any case, it would be a big deal if Marinette told Adrien that she knew he was Cat Noir. It would change their relationship, and it would definitely change the way they fight crime in Paris.

What would happen if Marinette told anyone about Adrien's secret identity?

If Marinette told anyone about Adrien's secret identity, it would create a lot of problems. First off, Adrien would be in danger of being exposed as a superhero. Secondly, it would put a strain on Adrien and Marinette's relationship, as she would be constantly worried about him getting hurt. Third, it would be hard to keep the secret under wraps, as everyone would be asking Marinette about it and she would eventually slip up. Lastly, it could potentially ruin the surprise of season three of the show, as viewers would know who Ladybug and Cat Noir are before the big reveal. In conclusion, it would be best if Marinette kept Adrien's secret to herself.

How would Adrien react if he found out Marinette knew he was Cat Noir?

Adrien would definitely be surprised if he found out that Marinette knew he was Cat Noir. He would probably be a little bit suspicious at first, wondering how she found out. Once he realized that she probably figured it out because she is also Ladybug, he would be more than likely be incredibly happy. Knowing that the two people he cares about the most in the world know his secret would be a huge weight off of his shoulders. He would finally be able to relax and be himself around both Marinette and Ladybug.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ladybug know that Adrien is Cat Noir?

In the time lobby with Bunnyx they come to the conclusion that somehow their secrett identities got revield, because Adrien saw Ladybug leave the gift from Marinnet but in the end Ladybug erases her real name from the note. So they dont's know their identities.

How did Marinette and Cat Noir know each other's identities?

This question is not answered in the episode.

Who is Cat Noir in miraculous?

In the show, Cat Noir is a superhero who dresses up as a cat to fight evil. He gets his powers from a miraculous (or "cat-themed") item that he holds dear. Kind of like Wonder Woman! His hallmark mission is to help Ladybug (a love interest) and her friend Chat Noir (a superhero also inspired by cats) halt villainy in its tracks. This animated series features an eclectic mix of adventure, humor, romance, and references to current pop culture. So not only will you be entertained, but you'll learn something too!

Do Marinette and Adrien get together in Oblivio?

No, they do not get together in Oblivio.

How do Ladybug and Marinette know Adrien is Cat Noir?

Adrien first met Ladybug when she saved him from a rubbish truck while he was protesting against a plant. They were both impressed with each other's fighting skills and started talking. After that, they became good friends and Marinette eventually found out he was Cat Noir.

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