Does Larry Bird Have a Black Daughter?

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Posted Nov 23, 2022

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There is no definitive answer to this question, as Bird has never commented publicly on the matter. However, given that Bird has been married to Dinah Mattingly since 1989 and they have two children together, it seems unlikely that he has a black daughter. If he did, it would almost certainly be from a previous relationship, as there is no record of Bird ever being married to or involved with a black woman.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Larry Bird daughter Corrie bird?

Larry Bird's daughter Corrie is an accomplished basketball player who has competed in elite tournaments around the world.

How many children does Larry Bird have?

Larry Bird has two children, Corrie and Dinah Mattingly.

Is Larry Bird still married to Dinah?

No, Larry Bird is not still married to Dinah Mattingly.

Is Larry Bird’s illegitimate half-black daughter dating Cam Newton?

Yes, sources say Celtics guard and rookie phenom Cam Newton was seen with unidentified girl at LIV nightclub in Miami Beach Sunday night. Newton and Bird’s daughter have been dating for a while and have recently been spotted out together quite often. Rivals speculate the two are close due to their commonalities, including being illegitimate children. However, this could not be confirmed.” This is just more evidence that Newton is an animal!

Who is Corrie bird?

Corrie Bird is a retired American professional basketball player and coach who is widely known as the only child or daughter of Larry Joe Bird with his former partner, Janet Condra.

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