Can I Pet That Dog Crocodile?

Author Clara Cole

Posted Nov 17, 2022

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Dog looking out over mountains

Sure, you can pet the dog crocodile, but be careful! These creatures are known to be aggressive and can easily snap at anyone who comes too close. It's best to approach them with caution and keep your hand close to their head so they can't reach you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old are the oldest crocodiles?

Some of the oldest crocodiles in the world can be found on the Simpson Desert Wildlife Reserve in central Australia, where one male excursion aged 110 years and 8 months as of 2011.

How many years did it take for crocodiles to evolve?

It took crocodiles about 200 million years to evolve the three main traits with which they're associated today: stubby legs; sleek, armored bodies; and marine lifestyles.

What is the average size of a crocodile?

The average size of a crocodile is estimated to be 3 metres (9.8 feet).

What type of animal is a crocodile?

A crocodile is a large predatory reptile from the group of sauropsids, leading an aquatic lifestyle.

How long have crocodiles been on Earth?

Crocodiles have been on Earth for over 248 million years.

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