Are You Serious Andrew Bird?

Author Rodney Snyder

Posted Nov 7, 2022

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Yes, I am quite serious, Andrew Bird. To many, your name may not hold much weight, but to me, you are one of the most interesting, talented and down-to-earth musicians out there today.

I remember first hearing your music back in 2006 when I was just getting into indie/alternative music. At the time, I was really into The Shins and was looking for similar artists to listen to. A friend recommended you and I quickly fell in love with your unique style of music.

Most people would probably describe your music as "quirky" or "eccentric" and while that is certainly true, there is also a sense of playfulness and fun that comes through in your songs. It's like you're not taking yourself too seriously and that is something I really admire.

Your musicianship is undeniable. You are a classically trained violinist and you also sing, play guitar and piano. You effortlessly blend all of these elements together to create something truly special.

But what I think I admire most about you is your down-to-earth attitude. You seem like a genuinely nice guy and you seem to be very humble about your accomplishments.

I saw you perform live for the first time a few years ago and it was an incredible experience. You have a way of making a connection with your audience that is rare. I left that show feeling like I had made a new friend.

So, in answer to your question, yes, I am quite serious, Andrew Bird. You are an incredible musician and a really great guy. I hope to see you continue making beautiful music for many years to come.

What's the album's artwork like?

The album artwork is very simple and basic. The background is a solid color, usually white, and the cover art is a single image or photograph. The cover art is usually the band's name and the album's title, with the artist's name in smaller print beneath. The back cover usually has the track listing, with the same band name and album title above. There is usually no other text or images on the album artwork.

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