Are Sweedish Fish Gluten Free?

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Posted Nov 1, 2022

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Yes, Swedish Fish are gluten free. The ingredients are sugar, corn syrup, invert sugar, citric acid, artificial flavor, carnauba wax, and red 40.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Swedish Fish vegan and safe to eat?

Swedish fish is vegan and safe to eat when prepared properly. The ingredients in Swedish fish include no animal products, so it meets the strict demands of a vegan diet. The only caveat is that some brands of Swedish fish may contain gelatin, which is derived from animal collagen. If you’re concerned about this, then be sure to read the ingredient list before purchasing. What are Swedish Fish? Swedish fish are small, round, white fish that are commonly used in salads and as a replacement for red meat in Vegan cuisine. They’re commonly available pre-cooked and frozen, making them convenient and easy to prepare. How did Swedish Fish get their name? The name “Swedish Fish” likely comes from their Scandinavian homeland. According to legend, Swedish fishermen discovered these delicate little fish swimming in large schools near the coastlines of Sweden and Finland hundreds of years ago. Since they were such an unusual find,

Does Swedish Fish contain beeswax?

No, Swedish Fish does not contain beeswax.

Why are gummies from Sweden made of fish?

The fish in gummy form represent a symbol of the country’s food heritage and its long tradition of fishing. Additionally, it makes sense that consumers would find it easier to connect with Swedish-made products if they looked like something familiar and edible.

Is Swedish Fish vegan?

Yes, Swedish Fish is vegan.

Does Swedish Fish contain the additive fish oil?

No, Swedish Fish does not contain fish oil.

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